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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are commonly asked questions by our guests here in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  Please contact us if you do not find the answer to the question you might have. We want to ensure the best stay possible as Cedar Pines Cabins.

CedarPinesCabins Are candles or incense allowed in cabins?
We do not permit candles or incense in any of our cabins.

CedarPinesCabins Are there ATV trails on the property that we can ride on? If not, is there some other place to ride? Are they open in the winter?
We do not allow ATV riding on our cabin properties. Wayne National Forest has some nice trails, but is closed during the winter. Several companies rent ATVs , as well. They may be open in winter.

CedarPinesCabins Are we able to use the hot tubs in the winter?
Surely, winter is one of the best times of year to use them.

CedarPinesCabins Do all the cabins have microwave ovens?
Yes, they all have microwaves.

CedarPinesCabins Do all the cabins have refrigerators?
Yes, they do.

CedarPinesCabins Do any cabins have air conditioning?
Yes, they all have central air.

CedarPinesCabins Do any of your cabins have king size beds? If so, which ones?
Cedar Pines has king size log beds. The other cabins have at least one queen size bed.

CedarPinesCabins Do you have any handicap accessible cabins?
No, we do not offer any cabins that are handicap accessible at this time. However, we are hoping to build one in the near future.

CedarPinesCabins Do you have fire pits? Can you bring your own wood?
All our cabins have fire pits or rings. We ask that you not bring your own wood, in an attempt to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. Firewood is for sale at local locations throughout our area.

CedarPinesCabins If you go fishing at Fawn Valley, can you keep and cook what you catch?
Fawn Valley is catch and release only.

CedarPinesCabins Is there cell phone reception at the cabins and the hocking hill area?
Verizon works the best, but is still in and out, depending on terrain.

CedarPinesCabins What is the "Traveling Chef"?
The Grouse Nest Restaurant has a Traveling Chef who will come personally to your cabin to prepare a special dinner for you.